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Regardless of your age, your job, your education level, or even your achievements in life, facing a situation with serious legal repercussions can make you feel helpless. You can feel as if your perspective on the matter doesn’t count. Without a skilled attorney to guide the way, trying to find a solution can feel next to impossible.

You can rely on my experience to assert your rights at Egbuonu Law. I’m Chukwudi “Chuck” Egbuonu, a Houston attorney focused on assisting plaintiffs in employment and personal injury lawsuits and defendants in criminal law cases. My goal since law school has been to fight for the “little guy” in court and to provide a persuasive and protective voice for those who would otherwise be voiceless.

I’m familiar with the legal system in Texas, including federal court venues located near Houston. I am a graduate of Tarleton State University and received my law degree from Texas Southern University. You can learn more about my background by clicking on the profile link below.

Ingredients For Success: A Focus On Detail And Outstanding Courtroom Skills

As an attorney, I’ve been able to hone my skills quickly, representing clients in complex business litigation, serving as lead or co-counsel in complex civil cases, and representing professionals in a range of administrative grievances and criminal matters. I study all the nuances and details of a case, exposing holes in the other side’s story and discovering opportunities for a good outcome for my client.

But research is not the only skill that wins cases. I have taken many cases to trial and know how to present arguments in a manner that is easily understood by juries and judges.

I can help you with matters that include:

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At Egbuonu Law, I work with clients from across the Houston metro area and Harris County. Request an initial appointment by calling me at 713-966-6085 or email me by using the convenient online contact form on this site.