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Employer Retaliation Cases

After you have filed a lawsuit against your employer or been involved in a whistleblower suit, there is a chance that your employer may retaliate against you. Although you are legally in your right to file a suit or take legal action if you have been wronged, it may lead to your employer firing you or treating you unfairly in some way.

I am Houston employment attorney Chukwudi “Chuck” Egbuonu. At Egbuonu Law, I am highly knowledgeable in the field of employment law and can offer you reliable representation.

Houston Trial And Retaliation Lawyer

Retaliation laws in Texas protect employees like yourself who have taken action against your boss or employer or have blown the whistle and stood up for what is right. At my firm, I also believe in fighting for your rights and supporting you after you have been retaliated against for taking legal action against an irresponsible employer. If you believe that you have grounds for a lawsuit, I am here to help. I can provide you with the necessary information so that you understand what types of discriminatory and retaliatory employment actions there are and what your rights are in this matter.

It is illegal for an employer to take action against an employee for:

  • Whistleblowing
  • Filing a complaint with the labor commissioner
  • Filing any type of employment-related lawsuit

Handling Matters Of Employment Law

If you are being treated unfairly or have been adversely affected, laid off, demoted or fired because of legal action that you have taken, you should contact Egbuonu Law immediately. I care about you and want to help see that justice is served against your employer.

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