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Your Rights Under The Fair Labor Standards Act

There are certain laws in our country that protect the rights of workers, ensuring that they are properly treated and compensated in the workplace. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is one such protection that focuses mainly on making certain that workers are paid a fair amount for their labor. Any employer who violates these rights is subject to legal retaliation. However, there are times when employers will still attempt to take advantage of their employees and violate their rights, banking on the fact that they are either not aware of their rights or are too intimidated to fight back.

At my firm, Egbuonu Law, I am here to ensure that they do not get away with what they have done. If you believe that an employer has denied you wages that you are entitled to, then tell me, Houston employment law attorney Chukwudi “Chuck” Egbuonu, what happened. I am here to ensure that you are fully protected under the law. Call 713-966-6085 today to speak directly with me.

What Does The FLSA Protect?

Established in 1938, the FLSA was created to stop employers from taking advantage of destitute workers after the Great Depression. It laid out rules determining how many hours a week employees could work and a minimum amount of wages that employers must pay.

What rights are promised under the FSLA?

  • Employees have the right to some form of monetary pay for their work.
  • Employers must pay at least the minimum wage per hour.
  • Men and women must receive equal pay for equal work.
  • Overtime pay must be paid to nonexempt employees working more than 40 hours per week.
  • There are restrictions on child labor.

What Should You Do If Your Rights Were Violated?

If you believe that an employer is withholding pay that you rightfully earned under the FSLA, take back control of the situation by getting a Houston employment lawyer like me on your side. No fight is too big for me. Arrange for a free case evaluation with me to become aware of all of your rights and find out what you can do to take action.

Wage And Hour Disputes In Texas

Many employers make the mistake of wrongly classifying their employees or intentionally failing to pay their employees fairly according to the strict requirements of the law. If you have not received the correct amount of pay from your employer, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. I am committed to helping you file a suit against your employer for their actions. Whether they have broken the law and failed to pay you overtime or minimum wage, or you have encountered one of a variety of other issues, I am here to offer you top-notch representation.

Fighting For The Fair Payment Of Wages

There are a variety of reasons why an employer may pay you unfairly or incorrectly, including an intentional or accidental misclassification. You may have tried to talk to your employer about the situation, which might not have turned out well. I am here to represent you in filing a lawsuit against your employer.

I will help you if your employer has done any of the following:

  • Failed to pay you overtime
  • Failed to pay you minimum wage
  • Withheld your tips
  • Misclassified you as an exempt employee
  • Prevented you from taking your breaks

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