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Resolving Overtime Law Violations

According to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), an employer who permits a nonexempt employee to work overtime is required to pay that employee 1.5 times their regular pay rate. The state of Texas considers overtime to be any hours worked over the standard 40-hour work week. If you believe that your employer has failed to pay you the overtime wages you are owed, you should contact my firm, Egbuonu Law, for help recovering what you are owed.

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Every year, thousands of Texans go underpaid for the time they work simply because they are unaware of their employment rights protected under the FLSA. If any of the below situations sound like yours, contact a knowledgeable Houston employment attorney like me about what your next step should be.

Common examples of overtime violations:

  • Employer refuses to pay you for the hours you have worked.
  • There are altered or incorrect time records that do not reflect the actual time worked.
  • An employer misclassifies workers as salaried to avoid paying overtime.
  • An employer does not pay the 1.5x overtime rate for more than 40 hours of work in one week.

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