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Do You Have Unpaid Wages?

After working hard for your employer, it is only fair that you be properly compensated the wages you have earned. Texas follows federal labor laws that protect employees by requiring that employers pay their wages in a timely manner. My name is Chukwudi “Chuck” Egbuonu, and if you feel that you have unpaid wages and an employer is refusing to pay you for them, I can help you recover what is owed.

There are many ways an employer can fail to pay you the wages you are owed. If your employer has withheld pay in any of these ways, you may want to contact me, a knowledgeable Houston employment lawyer.

Ways that an employer may withhold pay:

  • Failing to pay you for a mandatory meeting
  • Failing to pay your commissions
  • Refusing to pay overtime
  • Requesting that employees work off the clock
  • Not paying employees for time spent preparing for work
  • Not paying employees minimum wage

If you believe that you were denied fair wages for the time you worked, you could be entitled to compensation. At Egbuonu Law, I know the hardships that unpaid wages can cause employees. You may be struggling to pay bills or even feed your family. No one deserves to go unpaid for wages and paychecks that are legally owed to them.

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I am committed to helping workers like you get the fair pay that they worked hard for, which is why I always offer free initial consultations. During this time, I can review your case and provide you with an outline of what could be done next. At my firm, I resolutely believe in protecting the rights of the worker. No corporation is too big for me to take on.

We can fight for justice together. Call my firm at 713-966-6085 or reach out to me online to schedule a consultation.